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Whitney Wickham

Figure Skater, Coach, and Choreographer

About Whitney

Whitney has been on and off the ice since the age of 3 and began taking lessons at under Diana Geary in Montana at the age of 11. She competed and performed across the North West and worked as a Coach’s Assistant to help her original home club, the Butte Figure Skating Club, grow and become better. Her senior year of high school Whitney moved to California where she worked at the Ontario Ice Skating Center as a Learn to Skate Instructor and rink facilitator providing private lessons, choreography, and music cutting to younger students.

During her year abroad in France Whitney became a member of the Strasbourg Figure Skating Club and in 2007 she and her husband moved to Hamburg, Germany where she attended the StageSchool for Musical Theater. Instead she found herself teaching figure skating and so much more!

Upon her return to the United States she moved to the Chicago Metro area where Whitney worked with many rinks helping to revamp programs and aid in the creation of ice shows, theater on ice, and helping skaters express a story through their skating.

Most notably Whitney is known for having been the choreographer and coach for the Hamburg Schule fur Musik und Kunst’s opera production of Das Christ Elflein that was produced on a stage covered in synthetic ice and performers were required to learn how to ice skate and sing opera at the same time!



Portfolio and Resume


Music Cutting

Skaters need a music cut that not only allows for artistic expression but is clean cut and mixed well for playing over sound systems. Whitney takes pride in creating seamless transitions and choosing sections of the chosen tracks that allow for fluidity in choreography

Private Lessons

Take private lessons to begin testing and competing, or, simply because you want to be more active. Whitney is qualified to teach beginners, those returning to the sport, and seasoned skaters.

Choreography/Creative Aid

Emotion comes through motion and choreography transports the audience to the skater’s world. Motions only bring so much to a performance but connecting to a story can take a program to the next level. Are you working on a recital, ice show, competition or test piece? Let’s work together to bring it all to life!