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Whitney is a creative and visual storyteller through the use of the ice.

Whitney thrives on elevating others to be their best.

More Than Figure Skating

Performance has always been a significant portion of Whitney’s involvement in figure skating as she has incorporated her experience as a theater and film performer, choreographer, costume designer, director, teacher, and even cosplay. Whitney feels deeply it is her calling to inspire the art of magic making for all ages!

With a Masters in Theatre from Regent University, and years of performance,
directing, and choreography experience, Whitney strives to help those around her
be their best and create magical lasting memories and moments through the use
of their personal talents. Her goal is to uplift hearts and imaginations to create a
better tomorrow.

Through her youth Whitney spent most of her time on the ice or on a stage. When she wasn’t skating in an ice show for her local skating club she was performing in a stage production at the local theater. She blended these two talents together and has found a love coaching skating incorporating all she learned from the stage and screen. Having spent many of her teen and young adult years as a coach’s assistant and junior coach Whitney learned early and quickly how to operate an effective class.  

In 2007 she moved to Hamburg, Germany to attend the StageSchool for Musical Theater and instead found herself obtaining the German Figure Skating C-License which required not only hundreds of hours of on ice practical labs and exams but an extremely long and detailed dissertation and live exam that was jugged by a panel. To obtain this license required Whitney to also be the equivalent of an Intermediate level skater. She switched from the USFS test track to the German track and became a licensed coach no different than having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in a given discipline. 

The hours of required internship thrust Whitney into a completely new teaching environment that demanded creativity and patience. Many of the students enrolled at the Hamburg Figure Skating Club and Hamburg Sport Club were from different countries so she had to be able to teach the class with students who did not speak English or German. Both clubs provided her the opportunity to begin Theater on Ice and organize recitals. Choreography became a large part of her career at this point as well as producing the productions to include all Learn to Skate students who wanted to participate as well as competitors. Over her few years coaching she was able to coach students to their triple jumps and even awarded qualification to the German Nationals!

In 2010 Whitney and her husband moved back to the US. This time they found themselves in Chicagoland. She worked at a few rinks and took on private students for the time they were there. Whitney was hired three years in a row to teach a theater based learn to skate workshop as a beloved fairytale Ice Queen in South Bend, Indiana that was a massive success! She became the Skating Director in Dyer, Indiana for a year and revamped the Learn to Skate program working in tandem with Parks and Recreation.

In 2018 Whitney found herself once again on the USFS Adult test and competition track for in Scottsdale, Arizona. She never thought she would end up skating herself once more but her love for the sport beyond coaching was rekindled. She even took home the prize of Most Inspirational Performance at the Cactus Classic as her first performance back on the ice as a competitive skater since her time in Germany! Today you can find her at Arcadia Figure Skating Club as a coach and skater. She is currently working on finishing her Adult and Standard test tracks and will be beginning testing in Ice Dance as well. She is a PSA and USFS member in good standing.


Intermediate (equivalent) Moves in the Field and Freestyle

C-License Figure Skating


Juvenile Moves in the Field

Pre-Juvenile Freeskate

Adult Bronze Moves in the Field

Adult Pre-Bronze Freeskate





Whitney uses an app called BAND to post instructional videos to her students. She finds that students having access to content that provides more information and help even when they are not in a lesson with her allows skaters to work on their own time on and off the ice. Only through our own determination can we climb higher than we ever thought possible!